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Well Hellooo

Hello all,


I'm not very good at keeping up with blogs but I thought I would try this out since I will be unable to make videos for several weeks.  There has been MUCH book accumulation happening over here :D Lots o great books from the clearance section of half price books and the thrift store (my usual book haunts) that have been purchased since my last booktube video. 


While I'm off of youtube I'll be planning tags and book reviews to film and upload once I get back in the booktube swing of things in August! Unless I can manage to get past a half dozen family members and sneak in a video, lol.


On a very random note I decided to call one of my local libraries to ask if they ever hold library sales and (GASP) they advised that not only do they have such a thing but that it is ONGOING...they said its just a few shelves but none the less it made my little heart pitter-patter. :D


On a last note here, if any subscribers from booktube or Mercedes from MercysBookishMusings happen to read this post (for some reason, lol) I just want to say a big thank you to Mercedes for mentioning me in her video.  So many of you came over to my channel and subscribed and for me it was so amazing and awesome.  Thank you guys so so much :)  


Have a wonderful day.


-Jena Marie